Hello ya’ll racers, fans, friends, families, and communities!

Welcome to Mountain And Desert Racing, LLC!  This was originally LTR Events, started by Mike and Kristy Driver in 2004.  They put on numerous races in effort to bring quality races to the western part of Colorado.  They’ve established reputation for 6 events that are currently set: the 4 cyclocross races in the fall, 18 Road Rumble in the spring, and Gunny Enduro in the summer.

Before August 2014, the LTR Sports and LTR Events had changed owners and then on August 7, I pursued the LTR Events to keep what Mike and Kristy Driver had started growing for the Grand Valley. They had done a fabulous job of introducing cycling racing to the Grand Valley, starting 10 years ago. However, we all felt it was time to give it more attention and different energy. Enter Mountain and Desert Racing, LLC (aka MAD Racing)!

I’m excited to be taking up the reins on this “new” baby to bring the quality of races up to the next level for our fast-growing cycling community. I can see your mind spinning out the next question: “How am I going to bring these races to the next level?” Great question – First step was to ensure those races will still take place, starting today to next year and the years to follow for our community by ensuring those special events’ applications are in place and secured ahead of time. Thus the reason why I was so busy and crazy the first few weeks. I only had a few weeks to apply for special events permits at the 4 locations throughout the Mesa County’s parks / private properties this coming fall’s cyclocross races and then the 2 mountain bike races taking place on BLM lands next summer (Rumble at 18 Road & Gunny Enduro). I had turned in the last application the day before the deadline.

Then, I made the next step, which was obtain a timing system that will ensure quality and immediate results posting!  The first race to utilize this awesome tool was at the Powder Cross (September 20), but I faced some issues and had to time the event manually while directing it!  Now, we’ve had a few races under our belt and the system is starting to make sense and kinks are now minimal. You will see slight increase in race entries to cover the costs of operating a timing system on top of the races. I really strive to keep the costs affordable for the community to participate and I believe that you’ll have a better racing experience overall with the new addition!

Third step was to re-start those weekly CX Clinics to re-establish the CX community and the base for the upcoming CX season – first one was 09/10/2014 at Canyon View Park which saw only 3 riders.  As the season progressed, we saw a growth up to 9 riders!  I was thrilled to see such interest and re-growth in this community.

Now I am able to focus more on the fourth step, which is to get more of the community out to race to create a bigger and more fun atmosphere!  I want to bring back some of those races that the Drivers had put on before and add on more as well.  I want to bring the community together through friendly competition and team motivation.  I look forward to seeing you out there!


Race with Grace,