Urban Tread Adventures


What is “cyclocross” exactly anyway?

According to Cylcocross Magazine:

Cyclocross is a very specific type of bike racing. For the most part, the course is off-road but there are sometimes portions of pavement included in the course. You can expect to encounter grass, dirt, mud, gravel, sand, and a whole slew of other assortments and combinations.

What about us runners??…

Well… then you lucky runners AND multi-sport athletes get to run these exact same courses afterwards!  Much like a steeple chase, but better!

Kids under 10 years old will do 1 lap while everyone else does 2 laps.  These laps can vary from 1.25 miles to 2 miles.  Course details will be provided and may vary due to property restrictions and weather.

Here’s a little fun video by Cyclocross Magazine…

Doesn’t that look fun?! Time to test your potential now…


* Select the race logo for flyer*
– To register for series or each event, please visit the REGISTRATION tab –







Oct 1st


Corn Maze / Dirt
(No preview available…
Map available onsite)

Oct 16th


Palisade Produce

Palisade, CO

Orchards / Gravel / Hills
(No preview available…
Map available onsite)

Oct 28th


Grass / Lights / Turns
(Map available onsite)

Nov 20th


Grass / Forest / Jumps
(Map available onsite)

Dec 3rd


Sidewalk / Dirt / Forest
(Map available onsite)

Can’t get enough racing this fall?  Check these close by event organizers and see what they’ve got to offer!


Available categories and age groups:

  • Men Open Run2 Laps (Open Men (19-39), Master Men (40-49), Grand Master Men (50-59), Senior Men (60+), Juniors Men 9-14, 15-18) 
  • Women Open Run2 Laps (Open Women (19-39), Master Women (40-49), Grand Master Women (50-59), Senior Women(60+), Juniors Women 9-14, 15-18)
  • MAD Kids Run1 Untimed Kids Lap (Boys and Girls 8 & under) –> FREE!

DISCOUNT NOTICE: You get a discount for signing up for a bike race on top of the run race!  Just select “Additional Race” and select the appropriate category before you check out…

Start Times at each event:

  • Studt’s Corny Treads – 11:40am
  • Palisade Produce’s Orchard Treads – 11:40am
  • Creepy Treads – 6:10pm
  • Salty Treads – 12:40pm
  • Merry Treadmas – 12:40pm

Please check out “The Races” tab for detailed flyers found in the event logo.

Lap Distance:

Each event will vary from 1.25 to 2 miles each lap, depending on the technicality of the terrain and property permissions.  Course maps will be made available 1 week before the event and the course may be tweaked closer to event time for the best experience possible.  Please stay flexible and enjoy the ride/run!


Available categories and age groups:

Since we’re not yet big enough to accommodate each separate category race, we are grouping them together.  Each highlighted row means they start the same time, with exception for the Kids Bike (red letters) which they have their own race!  MAD Category is for Urban Tread Adventures scoring and race start grouping and USAC Category is scoring for USAC and BRAC.

Please check out the table below to see where you fit the best.  Select your USAC Category first then you know which Urban Tread Adventure group you will be starting with and be scored in for the Urban Tread Adventures.  You are welcome to race more than once as long you are racing either in your category or racing up.  There’s absolutely no racing down!  For exact starting time, please check out the flyers in “The Races” tab.


DISCOUNT NOTICE: You get a discount for signing up for another bike race and/or run race too, just select “Additional Race” and select the appropriate category before you check out…


 *USAC / BRAC – Cycling Licenses & Waiver details*


USAC License Required:

  • 1-Day Licenses:
    • USAC 1-Day Beginner license: $10, only for Cat 5 men, Cat 4 women, and Jrs who have never held a USAC.
    • Cat 4 men and Cat 3 women and above, USAC 1-Day license: $25
    • Can only be purchased online at www.usacycling.org/events/?state=CO select appropriate event, then click on Purchase One-Day License. Bring receipt to race. Annual licenses available online at: www.usacycling.org.
  • Annual Licenses:
    • Adult Domestic $70(2)
    • Junior Domestic (18 and younger on 12/31/2016) $35
    • Collegiate $45(3)
  • For more annual license options and details, please visit USAC Schedule of Fees >>


BRAC License Optional:
  • 1-Day membership: $5; available onsite (BRAC 1-day membership exempt with USAC 1-day or out of state USAC license holder).
  • Annual membership: (RECOMMENDED to avoid $5 onsite fee!)
    • Regular membership: $25
    • Youth / Junior membership: $15.
  • BRAC annual memberships available online at www.coloradocycling.org >>

BRAC annual membership is required to obtain points for CO Cross Cup competitions. If racing without BRAC license, no points will be reported.

USAC Waiver – must be signed by all racers or parent/guardian for anyone 18&U.


*USATF – Running Licenses & Waiver details*

  • NO licenses required to run!
  • USAC Waiver – must be signed by all racers or parent/guardian for anyone 18&U.


*Urban Tread Adventures (UTA) Series*

No licenses required for UTA Series Points Overall for both sports in respective MAD Racing Categories. Best of 4 out of 5 will be awarded.


– Series Registration –

** Series sign up deadline: October 14, 2016 @ 11:59 pm (before the 2nd race of the season)! **
The team option allows 5 participants to sign up @ $25 each participant for a total of $625, which means everyone on the team saves $10 on the day of the race registration prices.  The teams, cycling and running, will vie for the best overall points to earn the traveling team trophy.  The team will also have an opportunity to purchase an 8 weekly Wednesday night cylcocross clinic pass for 50% off!  Running clinics are not available this year, but may be available upon request.  Clinic dates are listed in the CX CLINICS, take me there now >>


The individual option allows you to save $9 on the day of race registration prices as well at $26 each race (season total $130).  You will also be given the opportunity to vie for the best overall points in your respective category.  And you will have the opportunity to save 20% on the cyclocross clinics!  More about CX Clinics >>


Now go rally up a team of your dreams, whether that’s your whole family, group of friends, co-workers, bike shop team, or running club!  Sorry, your dog doesn’t count… nice try though!

** Series sign up deadline: October 14, 2016 @ 11:59 pm (before the 2nd race of the season)! **

– Individual Races Registration –

Online registration for individual races are available below.  With online registration, you will have the opportunity to save up to $5 on the day of race registration prices and 10% on cyclocross clinics.  Generic prices are listed below.  Prices are subject to vary – please confirm in the event flyers under “The Races”.


ONLINE / PRE-REGISTRATION (Select “online registration” to be directed to the event registration!):
Online registration will be available at dates and times shown below.  Number pick-up onsite closes 40 minutes prior to your category start.

10/01/2016: Studt’s Corny Treads –  Online Registration (open 09/16/2016) >>  (available till 09/29 @ 11:59 pm or field full!)

10/16/2016: Palisade Produce’s Orchard Treads – Online Registration (open 10/06/2016) >> (available till 10/15 @ 5:00 pm or field full!)

10/28/2016: Creepy Treads – Online Registration (open 10/18/2016) >> (available till 10/27 @ 5:00 pm or field full!)

11/20/2016: Salty Treads – Online Registration (open 11/08/2016)>> (available till 11/19 @ 5:00 pm or field full!)

12/03/2016: Merry Treadmas – Online Registration (open 11/22/2016)>> (available till 12/02 @ 5:00 pm or field full!)


Race day reg opens at 7:30 am and closes 40 minutes prior to your category start.

Cyclocross Categories:
  • Adults (19+): $30 (pre-reg) / $35 (race day)
  • College Students: $5 discount – show ID (email me if you are a college student and would like to register online).
  • Pre J (8&U): Free (pre-reg) / Free (race day)
  • Jr’s 9-18: $10 (pre-reg) / $15 (race day)
  • Jr’s in category: $25 (pre-reg) / $30 (race day) – email me if you are a junior wanting to race in other categories other than Junior.
  • 2nd race: $15 (applies to running as well!).


  • Adults (19+): $30 (pre-reg) / $35 (race day)
  • College Students: $5 discount – show ID (email me if you are a college student and would like to register online).
  • 8&U: Free (pre-reg) / Free (race day) – no bib required, just sign waiver.
  • 9-18: $10 (pre-reg) / $15 (race day)
  • Jr’s in category: $25 (pre-reg) / $30 (race day) – email me if you are a junior wanting to race in other categories other than Junior.
  • 2nd race: $15 (applies to cycling as well!).


2015 UTA Series Team Winners

2015 UTA Series Team Winners

Urban Tread Adventures Team Scoring: *NO BRAC LICENSES REQUIRED!*
Both the run and cyclocross sports will be scored separately.  Top 3 teams of each sport will be recognized and the winning teams will hold onto their traveling trophies with their team names engraved (shown to the right).  In this case, there will be one trophy for each team sport, total of (2) will be handed out for the teams.  Again, your individual efforts will still be scored toward the overall series.  This means you will get a chance to win 2 bragging rights, one as a team and one as an individual!

Best of 4 out of 5 scores will be used at each race in case one of your teammates cannot make the race.  If 5 of you elect to race, only top 4 will be taken into account.  No races will be dropped from the overall team series, unlike the individual overall series.


Urban Tread Adventures Individual Scoring:  *NO BRAC LICENSES REQUIRED!*
The more races you participate, the better chance you have at winning the overall series points in your MAD category / age group for a chance at taking home a cycling jersey / running shirt (see below)!  This applies to the running sports as well.  You will be allowed to drop one race, so the top 4 race points will be taken into account.  This way you will be allowed one bad day, no-show day, sick day, hooky day, or whatever excuse card you want to play.


Overall Series Runner Shirt


Overall Series Cycling Jersey


Urban Tread Adventures Tracking series points:
You will be able to track your series points throughout the season right at the results page.  To go there, click on the Results Button below:


*USAC – Cycling Scoring details*

*USATF – Running Scoring details*

  • NO licenses required to run!
  • No USATF results posted – only Urban Tread Adventures scoring will be applied!


Check for your pictures along with your results on ITSYOURRACE...

Click here to visit the results page for ITSYOURRACE links!

Click on ITSYOURRACE links for photos along with your results!


Klishy does it again!  He’s hosting his weekly cyclocross clinics for 8 weeks…  For more details, cheggit below!


YOU are the smiles of MAD Racing!  These events will not happen without your great help.  The Race Director will handle any “problems”.  All you have to do is to help fill roles and empower the participants during each event.MAD already? Well, go ahead and RSVP your spot(s)!
As Travis Reed, MAD Racing Staff, says “Volunteers help leave the ‘place’ cleaner than it was found.  Help make a difference.”

Forever grateful,
MAD Racing Staff

Generic Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Day before the event:
    • What: Course marking and venue setup; aid Race Director with final event details.
  • Day of the event:
    • What: Various positions (see details below).
      • Parking – ensure organized parking!
      • Registration – aid smooth registration operations.
      • Concierge – help others find their way and keep food stocked.
      • Course Marshals – keep race director and officials in loop of race proceedings.  Must be able to operate radios.
      • Sweep – close down course and pick up trash, course markings, and celebrate!

Now are you MAD?!  Click on the button below to sign up for your choice of MADness & you’re more than welcome to sign up for more than one slot!



Camp within a couple of miles from Grand Junction… life is bliss!

To reserve: please visit The Camp online (http://thecampgj.com/) or call (970) 209-0854.

HolidayInnLogoHoliday Inn & Suites @ $89.00/night!

Call (970) 424-5888 and mention “MDR (MAD Racing)” to get your special rate hooked on!


Clarion Inn @ $84.00/night!

Call (970) 243-6790 and mention “MDR (MAD Racing) rate @ $84/night” to get your special rate hooked on!

Thanks for staying with us in GJ – we are proud of where we live and we’re honored you love where we live too!

For general information about GJ and more lodging options, click here.


These local events are being supported by Grand Junction Visitor Center Bureau by promoting and providing resources to attract ya’ll!

Some of these events take place on the City of Grand Junction Parks – please be sure to thank them to let us have our fun times on them!

Our primary medical supporters are proud to be present at each one of the races this fall!  Be sure to give them gratitude for being there in case of emergencies.  KUDOS!


Q: Where do I register for an individual race?

A: Please select “Races” above and click on the event logo to be directed to the day of the event details page.  It has both the series registration and individual registration links available at the top of the page.

Q: Is this a duathlon series?

A: No, you cycle or run.  These are two separate races taking place on the same day!

Q: Can I do both the cycling and run events?

A: ABSOLUTELY!  You’re welcome to be as MAD as you wish to be…  There will be about 15 minutes between the last cycling category and the run start, so you have time to squeeze in some “cross” training!

Q: How do I sign up for both events?

A: You have 3 options:

♦ Series: Register each sport individually or as a team.

♦ Single Event – Online: Register for any race; click on “Additional races” before checking out.

♦ Single Event – Day of: Register for any race; select “Additional race” on the form.

Q: What about if I sign up for both sport series and I want to do another race?

A: Let us know and we’ll honor the online registration rate at the day of the event.

Q: Cyclocross... does this mean I need a $10,000 bike?!

A: You do NOT need a $10,000 bike!! In Fact, MAD Racing encourages all types of bikes, Mountain Bike, Single Speed, or anything that has TREADS!!  One rule: Bar ends are not allowed!

Q: But what if I don't want to get off my bike and carry my bike?

A: We have alternative routes available for those who do not want to dismount or have other reasons not to pick up their bikes.  The alternative route will be slightly longer than the direct route with obstacles to maintain a challenge for those seeking a true cyclocross/steeple chase style course.  MAD Racing wants you to come and play with us one way or the other… That’s what makes our events unique!

Q: Can I wear costumes?

A: Please get as MAD as you want!  MAD Racing encourages you to wear costumes and have fun with it, as long it does not cause harm to your bike… I mean to others around you – like long pieces of fabric that can get caught in derailleurs or wheels and launch your competitors into the air, or trip your competitor face flat into the mud.  That’s not a race tactic.  If you do cause harm, that’s on your plate.  Otherwise, have at it!

Q: Do we have rules?

A: You betcha!  They are:

♦ Multiple races:  If you participate in multiple races and you place top 20% in the higher category, you will not be awarded prizes from the lower category you participated in.   For instance, you place 4th in Cat B out of 20 racers and you won Cat C.  That’s called sandbagging; we need to recognize and empower those that came out to try their hand at the sport.  Please consider doing Cat B and Cat A.  Otherwise, pull on your running shoes and get the rest of that energy out later on!  At least you got another race in and we’re honored that you love our races!

♦ Handlebar additions: No bar ends or mirrors on bars are allowed – they are hazardous.  Please remove before the event.  Click here to see what bar ends are.

♦ Smile MAD:  We’ve got cameras all over the courses, so show off your smiles and have a great time!


Refund / Changes Policy:

  • No refunds, but we’ll allow entry transfer from one athlete to another for a $20 processing fee.
  • Changes, updates, or category switches are allowed for a $10 processing fee.

 In case of inclement weather:

  • We strive to postpone rather than cancel.  The new date will be posted within the week.
  • If we do cancel, we will allow credit toward the next event, up to one year!
  • Most races do not provide this; MAD Racing is driven to make this awesome event happen!
  • Refunds?  Sorry, no refunds…
    • The weather is beyond the control of MAD Racing.  Please understand all of the preparation and permitting involved to host an event and if possible to reschedule for your participation.
    • Your investment and support is appreciated for future events!

    UTA Series Smilin' Sponsors: